Inspection Chambers

Kayflow bases, risers, lids and frames are manufactured from 100% polypropylene. All installations should conform to building practices as laid down by the relevant local authority. 

 320 Inspection chambers can be installed to a maximum depth of 600mm, all outlets are 110mm.

450 Inspection Chambers can be installed to a maximum depth of 1200mm, all outlets are 110mm, except UG1014 where the main run and 90 degree inlets are 160mm.

Ensure silicone sealant is used to fit the first riser to manhole base and in subsequent riser-to-riser jointing.

Kayflow systems are backed by our comprehensive technical support, available via our Head Office Support Team on 01827 317 269.

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Part No. Description Pack Qty
thumb-1 UG1013 320 Square Lid Adaptor 1
thumb-1 UG1000 320 Manhole Cover and Frame 1
thumb-1 UG1002 320 Raising Piece 1
thumb-1 UG1004 320 Manhole Base 1
thumb-1 UG1001 450 Manhole Cover and Frame 1
thumb-1 UG1003 450 Raising Piece 1
thumb-1 UG1007 Riser Seal for 450 Base 10
thumb-1 UG1005 450 Manhole Base 1
thumb-1 UG1014 450 Manhole Base (160 Outlet) 1


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Inspection Chambers


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