Deepflow Gutter

Cast Iron Effect

A deep gutter system with a higher flow rate for larger buildings and commercial premises with a tested flow rate of 1.8 litres per second with a 68 mm downpipe. 

Kayflow Cast Iron effect Rainwater carries a 10 Year Guarantee - see our T&C's for more details.

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Technical Details

HeightWidthFlow RateArea Drained
71mm 114mm 1.8 l/s 86m2
Part No. Description Pack Qty Colour
thumb-1 KDG4* Deepflow Gutter 4m 1
thumb-1 KDA1* 90° Deepflow Angle 1
thumb-1 KDA2* 135° Deepflow External Angle 1
thumb-1 KDE1* Deepflow External Stop End 1
thumb-1 KDE2* Deepflow Internal Stop End 1
thumb-1 KDK1* Deepflow Fascia Bracket 1
thumb-1 KDO1* Deepflow Running Outlet 1
thumb-1 KDU1* Deepflow Union Bracket 1
Part No. Description Pack Qty Colour
thumb-1 KFP25* Round Downpipe 2.5m 1
thumb-1 KFB1* 92.5° Offset Bend 1
thumb-1 KFB2* 112.5° Offset Bend 1
thumb-1 KFB4* Shoe with Lugs 1
thumb-1 KFC2* Pipe Clip with Lugs 1
thumb-1 KFHS2* Hopper with Lugs 1
thumb-1 KFS2* Pipe Socket with Lugs 1
thumb-1 KFY1* 112.5° Branch 1

* Add suffix CB when ordering:

 CB - Cast Iron Black


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