Terms and Conditions

1.    The Guarantee period is 10 Years from the date of installation. However, this will only apply subject to the following terms and conditions:

a.    The installation has been completed using only Kayflow Rainwater System components.

b.    The guarantee is registered online at www.kayflow.co.uk within one month of installation.

c.    The system has been installed in accordance with the Kayflow installation instructions, downloadable from the Kayflow website at www.kayflow.co.uk.

d.    Any defects are notified in writing within 28 days of the defect appearing.

e.    All claims are accompanied by proof of purchase.

f.     The installation is situated between latitude 49o and 60o North and is below 1800 metres above sea level.

2.    This guarantee only applies to weathering or colour fastness performance in relation to the criteria defined in BS EN 607:2004 and BS EN 12200:2000.
For the purpose of this guarantee "colourfastness" will be gauged in relation to an unexposed, controlled sample of the product in question. Assessment of any colour change will solely be determined by SBP Technical Services, using methodologies detailed by the British Standards Institute.
This guarantee only applies to White, Black and Brown systems.

3.    Exclusions

In addition to the terms and conditions detailed above, this guarantee does not apply to any of the following:

a.    Products that have been coated in any way.

b.    Fair wear and tear, normal ageing and damage caused by external agents.

c.    Performance outside the scope of BS EN 607:2004 and BS EN 12200:2000.

d.    Products that have been exposed to malicious damage, abnormal weather conditions, aggressive industrial conditions, inappropriate cleaning products or exposure to annual solar radiation that exceeds 80 kiloangleys.

4.    The sole and exclusive remedy with regard to this guarantee is limited to the repair of the products in-situ or the supply of replacement products. This guarantee is given subject to the standard terms and conditions of sale of SBP Limited.

5.    SBP Limited does not make any other representations or guarantees and in no event shall SBP Limited be liable for any other loss or damage, whether direct or indirect (including but not limited to the cost of installation).

6.    This guarantee is transferable to subsequent owners of the property provided every change of ownership is duly registered at www.kayflow.co.uk within one month of the change and that all other criteria detailed above are fulfilled.

7.    This guarantee shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English Courts only.

8.    This guarantee does not affect the statutory rights of consumers.




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